Our Pro Bono Work


BABSEACLE Project – Thailand 2012.

In August 2012 Melinda Edwards worked with a team of legal interns at the Bridges Across Borders South East Asia (BABSEACLE) office in Chiang Mai Thailand. By teaching a group of students from around the world to deliver skills training in ADR for several Thai Universities our message to promote communication, rather than conflict, was also heard in their own communities after their return home.

Peer Mediation Project – Bhutan 2013

In October 2013 Melinda Edwards and Colin McCowan created and delivered a series of training workshops on peer mediation for school teachers and students in Northern, Southern and Eastern Bhutan. These programs, for both primary and high schools, focussed on capacity building and were conducted in a train-the-trainer format to enable further dissemination to schools in Bhutan’s most remote areas.
As Bhutan becomes increasingly legalistic with more legislation being introduced, it is important that the age-old tradition of mediation as a means to peaceful-coexistence, harmony and well-being is reinforced to meet the growing demand for dispute resolution processes. This project was also an ideal way for MeWise to support the commercial research and teaching project we conducted in Bhutan in February 2013, which involved the creation and institutionalisation of a model of mediation incorporating the principles of Buddhism and Gross National Happiness.

Truth Prevails: Sponsoring ADR in the Czech Republic 2014

MeWise sponsored Veronika Vanišová and Michaela Hermanová to visit Brisbane from 12 September to 16 October 2014. Mediation is a new concept in the Czech Republic, being mandated by the European Union to promote the resolution of cross border disputes. Domestically however, the Czech Mediation Act of 2012 has been met with resistance and scepticism from the business and legal communities. Veronika and Michaela obtained funding from their University to undertake a study program under Melinda’s supervision to further their knowledge of how ADR has been integrated into the Australian legal system with the goal of promoting better understanding of mediation and its advantages after their return to the Czech Republic. Brisbane volunteer, Sope Agbejule assisted our visitors during their stay and participated in the ADR study program. For further details see our blog page.
AIIA/MeWise Workshop – Brisbane, Australia 2015
MeWise collaborated with the Australian Institute of International Affairs to deliver a Mediation Skills Training Workshop for University students in December 2015. The three day workshop which focussed on International Dispute Resolution skills was conducted by Professor Melinda Edwards in Brisbane from 4-6 December and aimed to empower and inspire young people with career aspirations in International Conflict Resolution and a passion for social change.
 ADR in the Czech Republic – International Mediation Conference 2016
MeWise sponsored Veronika Vanišová to return to Australia to present on the development of Mediation in central Europe at the International Mediation Conference, Broadbeach, September 2016.