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MeWise = wiser solutions today + stronger relationships tomorrow

Experiential learning in dispute resolution skills empowers people to operate more effectively in both their business and inter-personal relationships. There is clear commercial value in enhancing organizational capacity to preserve, enhance and foster new business relationships and networks through negotiation and mediation skills. There is also great empowerment potential for organizations through improved collaboration within their own business, among industry players, and with communities and governments around the world in this global market.

MeWise offers Custom designed skills development in:

logo_sub Communication


Empowering your people with more effective communication skills will deliver you greater returns across key metrics such as revenue, profit & customer service:

  • Identify your communication style
  • How to vary your style to get your message across
  • Avoiding communication blockers
logo_sub Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution and containment skills are critical in all businesses, both internally and externally, where one broken link in the chain of relationships can have lasting business implications…

  • How to deal with difficult personalities
  • How to identify sources of conflict
  • How to stop conflict from escalating
  • How to intervene effectively and preserve workplace relationships
logo_sub Negotiation


Interest based negotiation skills are essential when liquidity is reducing and contingency plans are necessary to deal with breached covenants and contractual variations…

  • How to turn positional (distributive) bargains into interest based (integrative) solutions
  • How to optimise relationships through the bargaining process
  • How to create options for mutual gain
  • How to negotiate wisely under pressure
logo_sub Mediation


Mediation skills are essential in an environment of “stretched human resources” where customer/ supplier issues, project delays and contractual disputes are daily challenges…

  • How to facilitate better negotiation skills in those around you
  • How to open up conflicts and lead people to wiser solutions
  • Micro and macro mediation skills including: active listening, identifying issues, exploring interests, option generation, reality testing, reciprocal bargaining and crafting wise agreements.


The MeWise team will create a powerful learning experience for your people, at your location, on your schedule, to help to bridge any gaps you identify in these essential skills. In designing our programs we will consult with you to ensure that our materials are authentic and our learning experiences relevant for the challenges you are facing today.


Looking for a speaker for your next conference or event?

From litigator to professor of law, social entrepreneur and novelist, Melinda Edwards’ career has been one of diversity, determination and inspiration. As a result Melinda is a popular and experienced speaker and can adapt her experiences to suit your event’s theme.
She is equally at home speaking for schools, universities and writer’s events as she is conducting corporate training, and she has experience in speaking through translators for Thai, Bhutanese, Malaysian and Chinese audiences. Melinda makes a genuine connection with people, engages them and gives them a real sense of the importance of the journey, be it in business, at school, or in life. Why not explore what’s possible? Melinda can be contacted below…

What People say about us…

“I will apply this in my interactions, up, down and sideways in the office! This has given me some excellent insights into my own behaviours and that of others”

“The interaction, discussion and real-life examples were really good. Made it really interesting!”

QUT Senior Staff
Development course
participants- August 2012

“This was a life-changing experience; I believe I will be significantly more effective professionally and personally. I liked the feeling of confidence gained from knowing I was learning from highly skilled facilitators and that I can use my new skills immediately to do my job better. The facilitation had all the elements necessary to ensure the learning was easy and fun and the outcome was a quality one.”

Department of Employment and Training course
participant – November 2010

“Very well done. I gathered a lot of information which will be invaluable in my role at the BSA. I enjoyed the course and thoroughly enjoyed the lecturers’ ability to explain the content of the material, yet present it in a humorous and enjoyable fashion. Cheers/”

“Thank you for a fabulous course with highly relevant information and skills I will be able to use into the future”

Building Services Authority
course participants – September 2008